Emma White goes sub 20 for 5km

April 11, 2022 0 By southshieldstri

Emma White goes sub 20 for 5km

On a windy Sunday morning at Monkton stadium, Emma White lines up for an attempt at sub 20-minute 5k effort.

The race was around a 400m track and 12.5laps to make the 3.1mile/5km, the target pace was 6:25 per mile or 3:59 per km.

The attempt was going to be very challenging with wind blowing quite strong but with the help of the pacers it was definitely achievable.

As they started the early laps was to get into a rhythm and feel for the pace with help of the pacers Dan Cooke, Adam Hodgson and Mark Hodgson, Emma could settle in and focus on the task at hand. The wind was definitely a factor making the effort even more difficult but Emma had been training for this and wasn’t going to be put off by this.

As the race went on the wind was still blowing strong but Emma was still on schedule to achieve the sub 20 target. As the 12.5 laps tick by the pace being ran was impressive with conditions laid out in front of them but they didn’t back down to the challenge.

The noise from the supporters was ramping up as the bell sounded for the last lap one more 400m lap before the finish line and what a last lap everything left in the tank was used. As Emma cross the line, the time keepers check the watches and Emma was into the sub 20 club. What an achievement.

What a great day at the track at Monkton, we look forward to more days as Emma to better her time at future attempts.